Wednesday, 29 October 2014

OUTFIT POST: Fringe Benefits

Dress: Spell & the Gypsy Collective … Bag: Steve Madden … Shoes: Mollini
Cuff: Eina Ahluwalia … Hat: Lack of Color 

The recent Sydney heat waves tell us one thing: that summer is well and truly approaching. And just like that, the change in wind brings a variation of style.

I find myself tucking away the structured shapes and button ups of winter instead reaching for lightweight cottons. It really isn't hard to adopt this boho form of dressing - after all the rise in mercury does require airy garments for comfort and ventilation.

Not only that, the bohemian style comes with its own attitude. The breezy nature of the draped fringe and low back cut makes me want to twirl in fields of long grass - evidence of how fashion can affect our mood and vice versa. It's no wonder that most 'boho' editorials are photographed in natural settings from beaches, to forests, from paddocks to meadows. But seeing as I'm lacking a professional team and aren't near any of the aforementioned places, I made do with the patches of greenery and natural rock formations around my home. Yes, I pretty much live in on a cliff.



我发现自己摒弃了冬季严谨的塑形及调节扣的衣着转而选择了轻便的棉质。适应这种“波西米亚”穿衣风格其实并不难 - 毕竟气温的上升确实需要我们更注重衣着的舒适和透气度。

不仅如此,“波西米亚”风格源于自身的态度。流苏和低切背带来的阵阵凉爽会使我想在长草地里旋转 - 这也验证了时尚的确能够影响我们的情绪,反之亦然。这也难怪,大多数“波西米亚”的编辑取景于自然环境,从海滩到森林,从牧场到草地。但如大家所见,我缺少一个专业的团队,也不靠近任何上述地方。但我拼凑了我家周围的自然绿化和天然岩石。是的,我几乎住在悬崖上。


Dahil sa init ng panahon dito sa Sydney, Australia: nararamdaman ko na ang summer ay talagang nandito na.

Napansin ko sa sarili ko na nag sisimula na akong magtago ng mga makakapal na damit at inilalabas na ang maninipis. Hindi mahirap pakibagayan ang mga damit na katulad nito. After all, ang init ng panahon ay nangangailangan ng mga damit na komportable, maaliwalas at magaan sa katawan.

Hindi lang dahil sa aliwalas sa katawan ang pag susuot ng mga damit na kagaya nito, ito ay nag bibigay ng magandang pakiramdam. Ang detalye ng damit ay kainga inganyo na gusto kung sumayaw ng paikot ikot sa bukid ng mga bulaklak. Dito makikita na ang fashion ay malaki ang epekto sa ating pagkatao, at kabaliktaran. Kaya ang mga pictures ng bohemian style ay ginagawa sa dagat, kagubatan at halamanan. Dahil sa wala akong propesyonal na team, ginagamit ko na lang ang mga halaman at malaking bato sa tabi ng bahay namin. Oo, Nakatira ako sa tabi ng talampas.

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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

INTERVIEW: Belinda Xia Illustration

These 'feel good' drawings surely brightened my day as I couldn't help but smile at the carefree brush strokes and patches of bright colour.

Discovering illustrator Belinda Xia on Instagram reinforced how social media can be the perfect breeding ground for young talents. Scrolling through her profile, I was immediately drawn to her illustrations' youthful and humorous quirk.

Twenty four year old Sydneysider Xia draws for "her own enjoyment" where she recently reignited her love of drawing after she "grew out of it at some point during high school."

Using art as a creative outlet, here I talk to Xia about her surroundings when she's in her design bubble.

What she hears:
"I'm loving Asgeir - he's like an Icelandic Bon Iver, really nice and chilled. I've usually got my iTunes playing a mixture of dorky and current music."

What she sees:
"There's a big bunch of flowers sitting in a glass vase on the windowsill. I draw in a room at the front of the house where I get the best light during the day and coincidentally the best view."

What she smells:
"The flowers on my desk - ideally fragrant pink lillies."

What she has in front of her:
"Arches watercolour paper (300gsm), a small Roymac brush and all my Daler Rowney inks sitting next to my watercolors, which I'll alternate depending on what colours I need."

What distracts her:
"The passerbys out my winder especially on the weekend as there's more of them." 

All pictures belong to Belinda Xia Illustration 

By Sharon Jiang 

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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Accessories Edit: Rose

Rose Gold, Jewellery, Wanderlust & Co, The Peach Box, flowers, spring, summer, Raymond Weil, flatly

Rose Gold, Jewellery, Wanderlust & Co, The Peach Box, flowers, spring, summer, Raymond Weil, flatly

Rose Gold, Jewellery, Wanderlust & Co, The Peach Box, flowers, spring, summer, Raymond Weil, flatly

Rose Gold, Jewellery, Wanderlust & Co, The Peach Box, flowers, spring, summer, Raymond Weil, flatly

Rose Gold, Jewellery, Wanderlust & Co, The Peach Box, flowers, spring, summer, Raymond Weil, flatly

Pyramid Ring: c/o The Peach Box (shop HERE) ... Watch: Raymond Weil 
Bangles & Stacking rings: Wanderlust & Co 

Spring is synonymous with incredible floral blossoms - a sign of the upcoming warmer weather. With the soft breeze replacing chilly winds and the extended Sydney sunshine (thank you daylight saving), I thought it was appropriate to try out a new metal. More subtle than yellow gold, rose gold's tinge of pink made it the perfect base for this spring edition of 'Accessories Edit'. 

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